8 comments on “hi nu part 6

  1. Man looking better and better…actually I was thinking more of gundam X

    That purple bot is volfolk (or something like that). The cross will form that Silvermoon move! Mamuru’s personal body guard and combines with a helicopter and a bike!! One of the coolest ninja bots ever 😀

    • It’s just a random weapon though, I happened to stick them all together and they became a cross shape like that…

      ahh yes, the name is volfog now I remember
      You are truly an SRW fan.
      When is OG saga exceed going to be released?

      • Omg a need OG coming out!!! I better check on that 😀 thanks for the heads up haha.

        Nah it just happen that I was rewatching Gaogaiger Final why doing my kit bash lol.

        On with gunbuster next!!

  2. im loving how this is turning out! you have a great skill for modding ^^ i still cant figure out how someone can layout and cut small pieces of pla plate with such accuracy lol great work man, keep it up!

    • thx rocklee ^^ I got used to cutting small stuff since university, I made quite a few building models back then. You just need to do it again and again, I’m sure you can also do that.

  3. @chubbybots
    yes, I think it’s a continuation from endless frontier, Haken is still the main character, with kaguya, aschen and the gang.

    now you say it, ‘rewatching’ gaogaigar is enough proof that you are a superobot fan ^_^

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