12 comments on “hi nu part 5

  1. Ah Drossel!!! Nice pose, looks like she is scheming something up haha. Where did you get that chair?

    Your Hi Nu pose reminds me of your Vlag haha…uber posing ^^ That is some sweet use of magnets for the fins! (Adding this to notebook haha ^^) AFA09 was a lot of fun for me, looking forward to next year and even better if Jam Project is coming πŸ˜€

    • Got drossel from AFA, I forgot which booth but they had about 7 or 8 drossels in stock.
      Glad you like the pose, though it’s just plain standing ^_^, but that’s the reason I mod the waist and skirt.

  2. Haha with your modding skills, I am sure you can spice her up even more πŸ˜€ Maybe customized weapons or something ^^. Oh I saw your question on adding images to blogroll on rockleelotus. Spicing up your blog ^^

  3. Go to your links widget and scroll over it you should be able to see 4 options. Then click show link image only. Un click the rest.

    After that go to edit links and click on the link that you want to add the image. Scroll down all the way and under advance, you should be able to see image address. then just add the URL of your image. For example my image is uploaded into wordpress. For each image in your blog there is a url location. Just copy that and paste into the image address.

    After that you should be able to see the image on your blog. But you need to resize it according to your theme. For mine i used 180 x 64 pixels

    Hope it helps lol I am a bit long winded…

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