8 comments on “Hi nu part 3

  1. Looking good! Woah thats some complicated lines! I remember H4mster in his Sazabi post he actually used a pla plate to guide the lines for complicated shapes. Do you wait like a day for the puttied areas to dry before you rescribe? Under this impression that if you scribe those putttied areas they would come off or something.

    • Yes, for some part I use plaplate as a ‘ruler’.
      but for rounded surface it’s hard so I use masking tape instead, and some other parts I just use feeling to scribe ^_^

      For putty, I waited a whole night and the next day I start scribing again.

  2. Panel line in a rounded shape area sure is challenging! Have you try a dymo tape? I just found out that it is easier to use as a guide (since its hard and sticky)

  3. nice level up on the panel lines, only tried it a few times myself and they didnt turn out too well lol for me the hard part would be coming up with the design. yours looks really awesome, keep it up ^^

    • thx!
      I think we just need to do this often, will eventually get used to it. For design, I stole it from keita’s Nu ^_^

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