6 comments on “Hi nu part 1

  1. Woah nice mods to get sharper and slicker proportions. Better start experimenting with epoxy, seems like a good way to do these stuffs! It already looks very good without the high heels! Don’t think high heals will suit this kit though, unless the legs are the skinny types like the Vlag that you did ^^ Your last pic says it all 😀 Just my 2 cents.

  2. Epoxynya pake merk apa bro? susah gak ngamplas & mbentuknya??
    I vote for no high heels 😀 but it’s simply because I can’t imagine how it’ll look like…

    • epo putty ny merk alteco. Ngebentuk ny sih ga usah dibentuk sbnrnya, kan itu pokoknya kira2 aj seberapa gede, terus biarin kering, terus tinggal diamplas.

      High heel ny saya blm tau nih bro, bisa pake, bisa batal, heheh ^_^

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