11 comments on “more photos — 1/100 vlag

  1. I’m picking up quite a number of things from your posts 😀 I must say you did a fine job on your first major mod :3

    • thx. Actually for the overflag itself I did not do much mod, if you compare it to my previous exia. This time I only did lots of SB.

  2. awesome! all you need is a good background (setting), 3 nice and expensive lights, a new super professional camera, and good photoshop skill XD

    • bliinla! thx, glad you like my vlag.
      I think what I need is knowing more about photography and then a better camera ^^

  3. I’ve been following the WIP of your vlag, and this is the result that I’ve expected, or maybe better than what I’ve expected:D Very nice on the SB too!

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