6 comments on “Epoxy putty problem

  1. The first few pics looks like hardened gum.

    Maybe you should wear latex gloves cos they have less friction when they are wet? or it does not matter at all @_@?

    • Hahah, looks like gum? ^_^
      Actually using water when kneading solves the sticky putty problem but I still don’t know why the bubbles inside.

  2. i say, look for polyester putty to add to those chipped part

    polyester could be bought from mori mori, looking like toothpaste and a small tube for its hardener
    dunno how much for the hardener, but usually a nick from toothpick is enough

    poly putty require more time to dry compare to epo, from what i know
    dunno about epo putty alteco, but i use Mpoxz epo putty and if there’s some chipped part, i use a poly putty mori mori

    note, mori2 is an expesive over-rated stuff, if you can get something called san polac, or cheaper polyester putty, try it

    poly putty require very small amount of hardener, so you might be confused why the hardener is so little compare to epoxy’s
    poly putty resin can melt gundam plastic if you didn’t add its hardener, it seem that its hardener colden it to make it harder, dunno much about chemical physics LOL, i’m no doctor

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