9 comments on “WIP overflag — plaplate

  1. impressive..

    bro heathorn emang master pla plate.. rapi banget

    gw aja motong plaplate banyak yg ga simetris gitu -__-

  2. @lalilulelo
    lupa cabut pas foto heheheh
    tp biarin la, foto WIP memang harus ad masking tape n dempul setidaknya 😀

    sabar2 aj bro potongnya, n bikin cetakan yg penting, jd ga usah ukur2 tiap kali bikin parts ^_^

  3. awesome pla-plate cutting and placing man! can’t wait for the result:D
    Is it okay if I add you on my blogroll?

  4. @h4mster
    glad you like it ^_^
    thx for adding me to your blogroll! Um…and what’s your blog address?

  5. hiii
    you guys sure are crazy modeller
    i’m only a snap-fit guy :p
    ganbatte for the project!!

  6. Crazy amount of patience needed. Something which I don’t have. Adding you to my Blogroll! ^^

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