12 comments on “Gundam hand SB

  1. I have a question, what is the plate really called? and where can I purchase it? it will be great if it is selling online, thanks.

  2. @LUKA
    thx ^_^

    It is called “pla plate”, I think you can find it at most hobby shops, you can also purchase tamiya’s pla plate from hlj.
    I use local brand, not tamiya, it’s bigger and cheaper, but still good ^_^

  3. Wow nice scratched build hands.Love the additional pla plates you did on your flag ^^. Learn a lot by looking at your pictures.

    • OMG, chubb was here!!
      Ahahahah, sorry for the late reply chubb >.<
      Yea I used to take quite some pictures of my WIP, but now cam has problem, lazy to take photos ^^

  4. nice work! i can’t express how amazed i am, but i’m so amazed!!

    uhm, btw, how are you going to connect that hand to the gundam?

    • thank you ^^
      to connect the hand to the gundam, I installed a PC part that can fit to overflag’s ball joint.
      here’s for your reference.

      • but what should i do for the hands i will make for the HG ones i have? all the hands of the models i have have this kind of protruding joint-like thing. (the thing you use to snap the hand into the arm socket.) any ideas? it’s got me stuck just thinking about planning.

      • I think you can try kotobukiya MSG parts as the ball joint.

        other thing I can think of is using a needle, some type of needle comes with a ball on top, might use that as the ball joint and the needle itself as reinforcement.

    • I use various thickness of plaplate, 0.3, 0.4, 1mm, and some evergreen plastics.
      It helps me to create better detailing with different thickness combined.
      But for this hand + fingers, I used 0.4mm.

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