21 comments on “Scratch build

  1. There’s a good chance that old concepts for the anti-Gundam GN blade looked exactly something like what you crafted. The blade suits Exia well. XD

  2. @anon
    um…I still don’t have confidence about that >.<

    I just did some sketches based on cloud’s buster sword n sword strike’s big sword



    yup plaplate is interesting, I got used to cutting things thanks to my university assignment ^_^


    Yup, I want to share my learning process with you guys

    Toying with plaplate is fun, but sometimes can be irritating too ^_^

  3. Dang, that is a mighty fine sword. Though I have a question about pla-plate which you could answer if you don’t mind. Are the pla plate sheets supposed to be un-stiff? I found some styrene sheets but they weren’t stable, they flopped around like paper.

    • depends on the thickness. Plaplates come with various thickness. There are also very thick ones called plaboard, but hard to cut of course.

      For my SB, if you use only 1 layer, yes it will flop around. Stacking several layers will solve this.

      Ever tried superglue on a photocopy paper? It can make the paper very very hard. Maybe you can try this method ^^

  4. Heathon,

    I, personally, do agree with Anon… You can do some customization work for others as well by charging them base on the parts you need to purchase + your time + etc.


    • Hi Steve,

      thx for the suggestion! I’d love to do that as well.
      My main problem now is ‘time’, I can even hardly make progress on my own kits. Can’t imagine when I have to rush things for the commissioned ones >.<

      Thanks for dropping by πŸ˜€

  5. Heathon,

    Ya… It’s understandable…
    It’s kinda hard to juggle around your work and commission…
    Actually i do need a few costumization help… :o)


  6. Nice job! Really suits exia.btw can I use your post as references? I’m gonna start scratch building a sword for my unicorn gundam.first I thought it’s a pain but after looking at your work it made me fired up!

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